Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence

We offer training and testing facilities at Southend Flying Club and have a resident UK Senior RT Examiner.


  • Read CAP2325; Guidance for FRTOL Practical Test Candidates.  Link

  • Have training from your current training provider, or attend training at Southend Flying Club, so that you can reach a standard to be recommended for your test on form SRG1171.

  • Pass the PPL Communications theoretical E exam or pass a written Communications theoretical exam here before your practical exam.

  • Pass a practical FRTOL test.

  • Demonstrate English language proficiency at level 6 or obtain a level 4/5 from a CAA approved language assessment school.

Age limits

You must be 16 years old. ​

How much will it cost?

The cost of the practical exam is £120.

The written exam (if needed) is £20 

Maintaining your licence privileges

Your licence will be valid for life.