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Flight Radiotelephony Operators Licence

We offer training and testing facilities at Southend Flying Club and have a resident UK Senior RT Examiner.


  • Read CAP2325; Guidance for FRTOL Practical Test Candidates.  Link

  • Have training from your current training provider, or attend training at Southend Flying Club, so that you can reach a standard to be recommended for your test on form SRG1171.

  • Pass the PPL Communications theoretical E exam or pass a written Communications theoretical exam here before your practical exam.

  • Pass a practical FRTOL test.

  • Demonstrate English language proficiency at level 6 or obtain a level 4/5 from a CAA approved language assessment school.

Age limits

You must be 16 years old. ​

How much will it cost?

Practical test:  Full members £120 / Non-members £150

The written exam (if needed) is £20 

Payment can be by cash or most major credit/debit cards

How to book

Please call us on 01702 545198

Other information

Native English speakers may be granted English Language Proficiency at level 6 during the practical test but non native speakers will need formal assessment at a CAA approved language language school in order to be given a grade from 1-6.  Level 4 is the minimum standard required to hold either a FRTOL or a flight crew licence.

The licence is valid for life but you must apply for it within the validity of the theory and practical test limits, check the CAA website for more information if needed.

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