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Available Courses

Southend Flying Club has been established since the 1930's and under the current ownership for over 35 years.

Our dedicated team of professional staff and pilots can take you from your first flight to being the holder of a number of licences or ratings.


The courses currently on offer are:

Private Pilot's Licence Radiotelephony Operators Licence | Night Rating | IMC/Instrument Rating (Restricted) | Flight Instructor Rating 

We also offer Licence Renewals & Revalidations

Scroll down for an overview or click on the links for more details. 


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Private Pilot Licence


A Private Pilots License (PPL) Course will allow you gain the privileges to fly a light aircraft on your own and with guests. 

The course length is minimum 45 hours with 10 hours of solo. Followed by a flight test.


Night Rating


The Night Rating allows you fly at night. It allows you to plan for longer flights without having to worry about what time you will arrive back.

The course length is a minimum 5 hours.

Instrument Meteorological Course


An IMC rating is an invaluable aid to all pilots whether fresh from the PPL course or a seasoned weekend local daytripper. Providing the necessary understanding of many of the ubiquitous radio navigational equipment that most modern light aircraft are fitted with as standard these days. This equipment will give any pilot the confidence to explore far and wide secure in the knowledge that navigation in unfamiliar territory can be precise, safe and uncompromised.

The course length is a minimum 15 hours and a flight test.


Flight Instructor Rating


The Flight Instructors Course (FIC) consists of 30 hours of dual training. It covers the complete PPL syllabus and teaches the you how to instruct across the length and breadth of the PPL Course. There is also instruction in how to give Pre Flight Briefings and Long Briefings for the PPL Theory. Once completed you will face a long day's scrutiny at the hands of an examiner who will test your instructional technique in both the classroom and in the cockpit. Your flying capabilities are not necessarily being tested, although a high degree of airmanship is expected.

The well developed course and experienced instructors means our current 1st time pass rate is 100% and most courses complete in the 30 hour minimum.

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