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FAA Training

Southend Flying Club has a resident FAA instructor and examiner.

Our highly experienced instructor/examiner, George, is available for all your FAA training, examinations and licences (under Part 61). He can recommend and offer packages to suit you from the PPL to ATP with IR, all in accordance with the Transport Security Administration Registration (Articles 49USC44939 and 49CFR1552).

There is a legal requirement for ALL non-US citizens to be registered and approved for ANY Flight Training at an approved facility PRIOR to any Training Programme.

George has completed the US TSA Security Training Course and holds the relevant certificates. He has high level experience with the Security Clearance Procedures and will help you through the registration process

Guide to Homeland Security Flight Standards - TSA

Charges are  £80 per hour or £475 per day for ALL FAA Training regardless of it being for Ground School or Flight Training.

CHARGES for FAA FR (61.56) or FAA Instrument Proficiency Check (61.57) Flights are £250 on your own aircraft or in addition to solo hire rate if you require to hire an aircraft.

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