Meet the Team

At Southend Flying Club we take great pleasure in the dedication and support our instructors offer. We are always looking to tailor and provide a unique experience from Trial Lessons to Commercial Training including renewals.


Peter Preston

Managing Director

Peter Preston somehow manages to juggle the everyday concerns of a thriving flying club, whilst ensuring that all who enter the club enjoy a convivial atmosphere. Often found laughing and joking with the staff, club members and guests, you can be assured of a friendly welcome when met by Peter at the club door.

Danny Doran

Head of Training

Danny is a very experienced instructor and examiner with 5000 hours over 34 years, 28 of those examining. With Danny as your guide, you will receive the kind of solid aviation knowledge that will stand you in good stead for the whole of your flying career. A truly comprehensive instructor. His favourite aircraft is a Dragon Rapide.


Peter Shorter

Chief Flying Instrutor

Peter has been flying at Southend Flying Club now for over fifteen years. His first lesson at the Club was a birthday present voucher. Now an enthusiastic instructor for the club with 7000 hours. He teaches and examines the full range of courses. He has recently qualified as a Flight Instructor Examiner (FIE).

Paul Griggs

Deputy Chief Flying Instructor

Paul Griggs has accumulated nearly 4000 flying hours and still has the same enthusiasm for flying as he did when he was learning all those years ago. Paul teaches both the Private Licence Course and the Instrument Meteorological Rating.


Scott Sanger

Flying Instructor

Scott has been instructing throughout the UK for the past three years and has 1500 hours, his first flight was in an Ikarus C42. Now based at Southend he keeps busy primarily looking after Private Pilot Students, but is always happy to go up for check flights with people so they can hire out our aircraft.

Lewis Cole

Flying Instructor 

Lewis has been working at Southend for eight years with nearly a 1000 hours he works mainly on a Sunday and he looks after students and trial lessons alike. His favourite airfield to fly to is the Isle of Arran.