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New Application Procedure

You will need to sign up to the CAA Medical Portal (if you already have signed up for the exams it is in the same place & same login)

The fee to the CAA must be paid in ADVANCE of attending your appointment.

CAA Medical Portal Link


A Class 2 medical certificate is required before flying solo and must be current in order to fly once you have your licence.

We have a CAA Aeronautical Medical Examiner based at Southend Flying Club. Dr Cemali Aksogut is available for initial issue and renewals of Class 2 medicals.

Check available appointments here

Please email him directly at with any questions.

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Validity periods are dependant on age: 

  • Up to 40 every 5 years 

  • 40-49 every 2 years 

  • 50+ every year

Other authorised medical examiners are listed on the CAA web page.

CAA Medical Examiner search

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